Why Coaching?

Question:  What is coaching all about?

Answer:  Coaching can best be defined as purposeful, meaningful, and well-directed conversation that inspires, motivates, and drives you to create your absolute BEST in all aspects of your life.


Question:  Is coaching the same as counseling, therapy, or mentoring?

Answer:  In short, coaching is not counseling, therapy or mentoring.  Instead, true coaching utilizes effective and efficient dialogue to facilitate your movement in the right direction.  


Question:  How would I know if coaching right for me?

Answer:  Coaching is right for anyone of stable mind and body who is fed up with stagnating and wants something more out of life.  Just remember, the results you will get from your coaching experience are largely dependent on your willingness and/or readiness to positively change your life for the better.  Contact our office today to see how we can better assist you.


JK Dulaney & Associates offers sessions for groups, individuals, and businesses by customizing services to meet your personal or professional needs.   Whatever your coaching desires and needs are, JK Dulaney & Associates partners with you in your endeavor.  Below are some "Hot Topics Dialogue Questions" that we have successfully coached many individual clients on:


  • Are you desiring more satisfaction out of life?

  • Are you seeking clarity on your life purpose or mission?

  • Are you transitioning between careers or life stages?

  • Are you an entrepreneur ready to start or boost your business?

  • Are you developing new business or professional goals?

  • Are you overwhelmed with anxiety or stress?

  • Are you seeking to improve your relationships?

  • Are you trying to find a more balanced life?

  • Are you seeking motivation to assist in your parenting skills?


As your coach, JK Dulaney & Associates partners with you in order to help you experience a richer, more fulfilling life.  Your success story is right around the corner.  Contact us today and learn how we can assist you in getting there!









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