JK Dulaney has a sincere passion for helping others by encouraging, inspiring, and motivating excellence in all aspects of life regardless of a person’s background. She grew up in the small, low-income community of Kinloch, Missouri, but always dreamed far beyond imaginary barriers placed by naysayers and societal statistics.


In August 1990, she relocated to Southern California and considered it her home ever since. JK Dulaney is the mother of two adult children, daughter Mariah, and son Joshua. Her family’s legacy has always been encompassed by Philippians 4:13. 


JK Dulaney & Associates was founded in 2014 to give back to the community and inspire the success of others. The company's purpose - positively impact life - one person at a time.


JK Dulaney graduated Summa cum Laude and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University.  She is the author of an inspirational, mini-book entitled From Breakdown to Breakthrough, and her professional career commenced in 1992 which included long-term experience in coaching, mentoring, and public speaking. 


Ms. Dulaney is currently pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Health Psychology. She looks forward to the breadth of knowledge and experiences that this endeavor is sure to bring.



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